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The Benefits of Email Marketing

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The benefits of email marketing are not gone

I do social media, why would I bother with email marketing?

Oh, so you dislike cheap, laser-targeted marketing that presents you with a plethora of statistics?

A better question would be:

Why would you not leverage the benefits of email marketing?

Many people seem to be under the impression that e-mail marketing has met its end in the face of social media. This cannot be farther from the truth. It is just as effective as it always was. Prospects still want to hear from you and they will allow you to get in touch by presenting you with their email address. The benefits of email marketing are even more lucrative now, with the added bonus of your competitors losing interest and faith in practising it.

Benefits of Email Marketing - A General Overview

What are businesses losing out on by disregarding the benefits of email marketing

Just like in the past, the benefits of email marketing are plentiful and its downsides - few. As with all things business, it has to be handled properly. Mindlessly spamming email databases bought off of random freelancers will not do you much good. Likewise, sending out sporadic, unrelated messages to every single address that you can get a hold of will give you and your company a horrible reputation.

With the right practices, however, every business can reap the benefits of email marketing. Here is a small list of the positive things you get by properly employing the tactic:

  • Email marketing is easy to create
  • Email marketing is easy to track
  • Email marketing is inexpensive
  • Email marketing is immediate
  • Email marketing is global
  • Email marketing is a great investment in the future of your business

Throughout the rest of this article, you can read about driving business growth by leveraging the benefits of email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing – Easy creation

The time-saving benefits of email marketing

As long as you are knowledgeable about marketing and have collected enough data on your customers, drafting a decent mailshot can be quite easy. Even if you are just starting out, performing market research and analysing your existing and target customers is something that your business in its entirety can benefit from. However, as with everything in life, there is a huge difference between merely doing something and doing the right thing right. While simplicity is one of the main benefits of email marketing, there is still a certain level of finesse required to make the whole thing work.

Benefits of Email Marketing Definition

Benefits of Email Marketing – Easy tracking

The statistical benefits of email marketing

Statistics are a crucial component of modern day marketing and the plethora of statistics that come with mailshotting only serve to add to the benefits of email marketing. Most providers allow you to see not only the location and time of day when your subscribers open their email but also track a variety of other stats.

Advanced segmentation – depending on your service provider, you can segment your subscribers based on a variety of factors - names, status, lead source, lead type, phone, dates, location as well as custom tags

Campaign setups – you can set up custom campaigns based on specific segments. This allows you to write a single mailshot and then leverage the benefits of email marketing to automatically adjust send times, change parts of the copy, add images and so on.

Statistics – all of these factors provide you with detailed feedback and information, allowing you to improve your campaigns and leverage the benefits of email marketing even further.

Benefits of Email Marketing – Low development costs

The monetary benefits of email marketing

Amongst the many benefits of email marketing stands the low investment requirements. Creating a mailshot along with a landing page is much less expensive than running a full-blown standard marketing campaign. And while it can require a fair bit of knowledge about copywriting and design, it is most certainly in the realm of possibility. Furthermore, users today are much more open to normal emails rather than standard mailshots. This has lead marketers to come up with the so-called mailshots that do not look like mailshots. The effect is achieved by creating a more organic-looking piece as opposed to blindly shilling for your product of choice. Leveraging these benefits of email marketing does require a fair bit of knowledge about your target customers as well as your own products or services but it is well worth it.

Benefits of Email Marketing – Immediacy

Your message instantly travels to subscriber inboxes as soon as you hit send

One of the major benefits of email marketing over, say, social media is that all of your subscribers will immediately receive your message whenever you send it. And since it goes straight to their inboxes, it will have a hard time being ignored if they are waiting for it. How is this different from posting something on social media and having all of your followers see it, one might ask. The benefits of email marketing over social media come from the fact that social media websites have algorithms in place that sort posts in a certain order, often preventing even the most loyal of your followers from seeing your content. Unless they visit your page or you pay for advertisements on the given social media website, that is.

Benefits of Email Marketing – Global Reach

Reach anyone, anywhere at any time with the benefits of email marketing

Another huge plus of emails over other types of advertisement is that time zones and times of day do not matter much. For social media, one has to make use of external tools on top of the social media website in order to create specific queues and timings for the posts if they wish to automate them. With the benefits of email marketing, this is not the case. Once you create your copy and landing page, all you have to do is set up your campaign with your mail service provider. Most of them allow you to send to segments at different times, intervals and dates, based on their preferences, location or any other factors that you can come up with. This is something that social media cannot beat as of yet and stands as one of the core benefits of email marketing. Unless you are willing to put in a lot of extra time, effort and resources into research and third party tools.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Benefits of Email Marketing – Cost-effectiveness

Composing a mailshot and creating a landing page is surprisingly inexpensive. To create a good landing page and leverage the benefits of email marketing, you do not even need to be good at web design. Simply study successful examples in your niche, see what they do and adapt it to your particular business.

As long as you are knowledgeable on how to make use of the benefits of email marketing, you are guaranteed a good ROI. And while this is a rather complex topic to master, getting started is not nearly as intimidating as it first appears. A good campaign, fully leveraging the benefits of email marketing should allow most of the beginners to break even on their first few campaigns. And from there on out, it is generally considered smooth sailing.

Once you fully understand the benefits of email marketing and adapt it to your business model, you can expect results immediately. When you think about it, all successful companies, big and small, try to leverage the benefits of email marketing. Almost every modern-day business sends out advertisements and new promotions to their clients and nobody would waste time on that if it was not effective. Using the benefits of email marketing to their full potential, however, requires a fair bit of time, effort and knowledge. As a company with over 20 years of experience in the field of online business solutions, Go Live UK can advise you on how to properly leverage the benefits of email marketing. Get in touch with our experts today and let them assist you in driving business success with the help of the benefits of email marketing.

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