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Why Local SEO Services Are Necessary?

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You are probably familiar with search engine optimisation, which is more commonly abbreviated to SEO. While most businesses understand the importance of it, many are unaware that attracting local customers also hinges on an entirely different set of SEO services.

Local SEO shares several commonalities with organic SEO with several fundamental and pronounced differences.

What Is Local SEO?

Put simply, Google takes the geographic location of a search into consideration when displaying results. With the rise of smartphone and tablet usage, this is an important distinction.

For example, if a smartphone user were to search for an Indian restaurant, Google would attempt to display the local results in closest proximity to that user.

Although local SEO extends beyond mobile device usage, a recent study found that 4 out of every 10 searches from a smartphone had local intent.

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Why Is Local SEO Necessary?

Consider that 95 percent of mobile users search for information on local businesses using their smartphones. Through careful optimisation, you have the opportunity to capture business from nearly every smartphone user in your local vicinity.

This can be done by listing your business correctly on Google Places, careful keyword selection, deliberate website copy, appropriate Schema markup, and more.

What Are Local SEO Services?

Unlike organic SEO services, some teams offer the expert ability to optimise your online presence for local searches. The team at Go Live UK is one such team of experts.

If you are ready to gain more local exposure through the power of local search, contact our team immediately to discuss next steps.

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