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What is Schema

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Schema is a kind of microdata that makes it simpler for search engines to parse and interpret the information of web pages more accurately and efficiently so as to serve relevant results to users based on the queries. When Schema markup is added to an HTML, the way a page is displayed in SERPs is improved. This will enhance the rich snippets that are displayed beneath the page title.

What is Schema.org?


Schema.org is a project that provides a particular set of agreed-upon definitions for microdata tags. It is the concentrated home on the web for schema projects, a result is collaboration between Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo to standardize structured markup. Presently, Google considers it as the “preferred” method to structure your content if you want to have a rich snippet in search.

How Schema.org Work?

Schema microdata is implemented to the content of a page to define the exact meaning and treatment required for the page. Schema attributes and elements can be added directly to the HTML code of a web page to provide additional information to the search engines.

Let's check out this example

Abraham Lincoln was born on

Feb. 12, 1809

He was known as Honest Abe and served as American President.

On April 15, 1865, he was assassinated.

A machine that is fluent in Microdata will understand the above content through 3 main attributes;

1. itemscope delineates the outlines the content that is being described

2. itemtype classifies the type of object being described (in the above case a person)

3. itemprop supplies the persons details (in the above case, date of birth, nickname, job title and date of death)

However, someone would see,

"Abraham Lincoln was born on Feb 12 1809. He was known as Honest Abe and served as American President. On April 15, 1865, he was assassinated".

Benefits Of Schema.org

When schema microdata is included in your HTML code, it will help search engine crawlers interpret the content of your page accurately and effectively. No doubt with this your visibility will increase. Schema is a best way of making it easier for search engines to find and display your content.

Schema can also improve your website's rich snippets giving your site a priority in SERPs.

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